Jennifer Reyes is the founder of Sales from the Heart™ Customized Business Coaching for a life & business with Unshakable Confidence™. She guides entrepreneurs, coaches, and creatives on how to gain clarity & direction in their business so they can fully step into their God-given calling, sell their products & services from the heart, and make a powerful impact in the lives they are truly called to serve.

You might be surprised to learn that Jennifer sat on her gifts & blessings for many years. She knows what it’s like to be lost, lonely, anxiety-filled, tired, and stuck spinning with ideas! She’s an ex new-ager and it took a sinister near-death experience to shake Jennifer up! She finally surrendered and allowed her unique path in life & business to be revealed by God. It’s a long, beautiful, DRAGONFLY filled GOD story, but ohhh a “Good GOOD” one.

Jennifer also hosts Faith Marketplace weekly and guides entrepreneurs through what she learned in life & business over the past 20+ years in sales, marketing, messaging, and coaching, so they don’t have to go through the same struggles.

Jennifer absolutely adores her multi-talented hubby and secretly wants to be a mariachi singer but doesn’t sing or speak Spanish fluently!

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