Dave Ashworth

“It was a pleasure being on the Faith Marketplace Podcast. We need to discuss more using our career as a ministry and not being afraid to share our faith. Bob was an excellent host who asked questions that would get the listeners thinking and challenged me in the process.” 

– David Ashworth, Co-Founder The Quantify Group

Damien Howard

“It was great being a guest on your show. You made it very easy to open up and share my passion for education reform with your listening audience. Our time off-air offered tremendous value. There are things I learned during our brief conversation that I’ve incorporated to grow my business efforts.”

– Damien Howard, Founder/President SEL Plus

Dane Sanders

“Given the state of the world in which we are all currently living in, it’s great that you provide a forum where business leaders can freely speak about their faith, their walk with our Lord, and how their faith and their walk informs how they run their businesses, showing that one does not have to come at the expense of the other. It is truly unique that such a forum exists, you are a blessing to many and are to be commended for providing it. God bless!”

– Dane Sanders, Managing Director Madison Street Capital

Renee Vidor

“I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have met you and what a privilege it was to be featured on your Faith Marketplace radio show. I’ve enjoyed listening to the show and learning from you and your guests. What a blessing it is to hear other leaders showcased as they share their experiences of following Jesus in the privacy of their homes and allowing Him to lead their professional lives. Keep running your race to win and help others do the same.”

– Renee Vidor, Owner Simply Enrich

Dr. Vanessa Scott-Thompson

“I enjoyed being on Faith Marketplace. Bob allowed me to showcase my professional role and a book I have written for pastors and Christian leaders. He is easy to talk to and puts you at ease.” 

– Dr. Vanessa Scott-Thompson, Vice President Elim Christian Services

Dr. Calotta Roman

“I had a wonderful time with you on the Faith Marketplace Radio podcast. I’ve had may conversations with believers who listened to the show about the intersection of our faith and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). This inspires me to create more space for these conversations. 

Faith Marketplace is a blessing and a great platform to shine a light on believers living out faith in their work and service. Your vision, energy, and networking are incredible. Thank you for featuring guests of diverse backgrounds and experiences and making room for the next generation of believers. I’ll be listening!”

– Dr. Carlotta Roman, President Carlotta Roman LLC